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Bridgewater Home Fragrance Oil - Wild Summit

Bridgewater Home Fragrance Oil - Wild Summit

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A stirring to discover nature's vast wonder awakens an aromatic rendition through herbaceous trappings of energizing rosemary, crisp basil and spicy green galbanum. Untamed cloudberry bustles into deep forests of Fir warmed by cinnamon and ginger zest, while a soft under footing of velvety moss and woody complexities of cedar, sandalwood and lichen further intensify the majesty of the wild. Small but powerful, one home fragrance oil bottle includes enough fragrance oil to infuse your space with your most-loved scents for up to 80 hours! Simply add a few drops of our home fragrance oil to your warmer and enjoy instant, fabulous home fragrance. You can adust the strength of the scent by adding more drops of fragrance oil to your warmer.

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