• Cinnamon Stix Wax Melt

Cinnamon Stix Wax Melt


Cinnamon is a warm, timeless scent. Our Signature Scent, Cinnamon Stix, is straight cinnamon and not combined with any other scents. Let Cinnamon Stix take you to the southern kitchens of Dixie to relax for a while, remembering Grandma's baking and stories around the kitchen table.

Wax Melts

For use in Wax Warmers, these cubes of scented wax are sure to take you down south in no time!  Wax Warmers are available for purchase from Dixie Grace Candle Company or use your own for a flameless alternative to candles!

Burn Time (approximate) - 60 to 70 Hours of Warming Time 

We recommend warming 2 cubes for 3-4 hours at a time over multiple uses until scent is gone from the soy wax. Prolonged warming (more than 3-4 hours) will deteriorate the scent faster but is safe if prolonged warming is preferred. When you're ready to change scents, carefully soak the melted wax up with a cotton ball (or two or three) and toss in the trash. Be sure to wipe residual wax from the warmer before adding new scent cubes.