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Isla Dress - Cognac

Isla Dress - Cognac

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The solid mock neck maxi dress described is a beautiful and boho-inspired garment, perfect for those who love a chic and carefree style. The dress features a mock neck, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to its overall design. The dress is floor-length, giving it a maxi silhouette that exudes a bohemian vibe.

The pleat detail at the bust enhances the dress's femininity, creating a flattering and draped look. It adds visual interest to the bodice, making the dress stand out with a subtle yet stylish feature.

The dress also includes ruffle detail at the sleeves, adding a playful and whimsical element to the overall design. These ruffles add movement and charm, complementing the boho aesthetic.

The dress has a button closure at the back, allowing for easy wearing and removal while maintaining a clean and polished look.

As a woven fabric, the dress is durable and structured, maintaining its shape and providing a well-defined silhouette.

The dress is fully lined, ensuring comfort and preventing any sheerness in the fabric. This lining also adds to the dress's overall quality and durability.

Being non-sheer, the dress offers ample coverage, making it suitable for various occasions without the need for additional layers.

The fabric content of the dress is 100% polyester, providing a soft and smooth texture with a lightweight feel. This fabric choice ensures comfort and ease of movement while exuding a boho-inspired style.

Overall, this solid mock neck maxi dress with pleat detail at the bust and ruffle detail at the sleeves is a stunning and boho-chic piece that is perfect for free-spirited and fashionable individuals. Whether it's a bohemian-themed event or a casual day out, this dress offers a stylish and comfortable option for expressing your unique sense of style.

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