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Manhattan Top

Manhattan Top

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The Manhattan top is a sophisticated and stylish blouse designed with distinctive features. Here's a breakdown of its key characteristics:

- **Long Sleeve:** The inclusion of long sleeves makes the Manhattan top suitable for various seasons, providing coverage and a polished look.

- **Open Collar:** The open-collar design adds a touch of elegance and versatility. An open collar can be styled in different ways, allowing for various necklaces or scarves to complement the blouse.

- **Satinesque Material:** Described as "satinesque," the top is likely made from a material that mimics the smooth and glossy appearance of satin. Satin-like fabrics often add a luxurious and refined touch to garments.

- **Functional Button Closure at the Sleeves:** The functional button closure at the sleeves is a thoughtful detail that allows for versatility in styling. You can choose to cuff the sleeves or leave them unbuttoned for a different look.

- **Button Closure:** The mention of a functional button closure suggests that the blouse has buttons along the front, providing a practical and stylish method of putting on or taking off the top.

Overall, the Manhattan top combines a sleek design with functional details. The open-collar, satinesque material, and button closures at the sleeves add a touch of sophistication, making it a versatile choice for both professional and stylish occasions.
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